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Christmas Conflict

In the Christmas Season is when conflict from the whole year can come to a critical point. The parenting issues you’ve been ignoring can be a problem. Minor differences in values and ideas can become magnified by pressure from family and friends to do things a certain way. Most often, mediation can help avoid Christmas conflict in…

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Seasons of a Church for Mediation

The best time to mediate in churches is when members are not busy. Don’t try to mediate churches during December unless absolutely essential. If you’re in a farming community, don’t try to mediate in late fall harvest or spring planting time. If you have business people, tax time is not great. Unfortunately, when people are busiest,…

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Systems’ Comfort: Resistance to Change

Most people love comfort: food, activities, people. What makes things “comfortable” is how familiar the thing is. The comfort food we all crave is usually foods from our youth; the activities that are comfortable we’ve done a hundred times. the reason I used comfortable in quotes above is because in systems whether family, work or…

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