Change of Seasons Influences

People get cranky this time of year. In Minnesota September weather gets frosty at night  and it’s also often cloudy and rainy during the day. So it is that when this happens we fight. We fight in our marriages because we’re tired. We fight in our churches because we may want things to stay the same and they can’t, not really.

Why do I mention this? it’s because so often when we fight we misdirect; we take our crankiness out on those who are closest to us and who will tolerate us rather than on the sources of our frustration. My point is simply this: if we are mediators we must constantly think how the person got upset and why they are really lashing out. Not to fix the problem as we can’t fix it and them. No, we notice because it may give an insight into the personality of the people we mediate for and even an angle on how to attack the problem. The crankiness may make our job more difficult and it may be just the change in the weather but it can also be more important than that and the way to a solution.