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Church fights are even harder to resolve than divorces. Why? It’s because most people fight in churches about things they were taught, consciously or unconsciously when they were very young, often by their parents or by observation. In divorces most people understand what they’re fighting over and why (usually custody of the kids or property).…

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Mediation FAQs and SAQs

I am finding the need to include more simple explanations of mediation, what is mediation, what divorce lawyers or divorce attorneys do and how court or even settlement conferences are different than mediation. Please see my FAQs and SAQ sections on my website,

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Child Centered Mediation

Child Centered mediation is relatively new to the area and involves bringing the child’s voice into a divorce mediation process. This can be done in a number of ways. The most common and least expensive is to have a child specialist interview the kids and submit a written report to the parties and neutral for…

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